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What's Included On A Residential Lease In Danbury,CT

February 15th, 2019 4:04 PM by Jonathan Hall

The residential lease in a very important document to both landlords and tenants in the Danbury,CT area. Whether you are an experienced landlord or new to renting, it is critical to review the document carefully before it signed for you own protection. If there would be dispute for some reason once you are living in the apartment or renting it out, it is spelled out within the lease. Items are the lease typically include the following items

-Start and End Date
-Total Funds Payable For The Term Of The Lease And What the monthly rent is
-When the rent is due and what the late fee is
-Where the rent should be send to
-What utilities the tenant is reasonable for
-Who is responsible for any repairs in the premises
-If animals will be allowed on the premises
-If alternations to the property are allowable by the tenant
-If the premises can be sublet or not
-Acknowledgment of the security deposit and how it is handled.
-What happens if the tenant moves out before the end of the lease?
-Turnover of the property at the end of the lease
-How many days notice of the Tenants giving notice prior to the end of the lease of staying or leaving, and if there can be a lock box placed at the house for real estate agents to show.

As a real estate professional serving the Greater Danbury Connecticut area, I can help with the leasing of your residential property. Help is here is you have not been a landlord before. Feel free to contact me to discuss the leasing procedure of your home. 


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