Frequently Asked Questions: Here are common questions I get from Danbury,CT Area Townhome Owners That Are Considering Selling Their Property. They are here as a reference, and I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the sale of your home & your goals. If you are thinking of selling or leasing your Greater Danbury property, please call or text me at 203-417-0523 to schedule a friendly meeting. or email me at   I look forward to seeing you-Jon

What is the average market time to deposit a home in my neighborhood?

You will get receive that information at your appointment. I will also examine the recent sales to observe any trends. Average days are on the market could be reflective of a number of factors: offers that came in too low  or unfavorable terms that the seller did not accept, accepted offers that fell apart, inactive marketing and more. I will go over home by home with you to inform you. 

Question: What did my neighbor sell their house for?

You will receive any and all information on real estate activity in the past in your neighborhood. However, the most important things that will determine the market value for your home are the sales which have occurred within the last six months of similar properties, as well as the condition of your home. The sales prices are more important than similar homes that are listed for sale, as they would be used by the buyer's bank appraiser for their mortgage.  Sellers of neighboring units do not disclose what they have gotten until their home actually closes. 

Question: Can you explain the different property sales in my neighborhood?

I am very familiar with the sales & homes in all of the major complexes in the Greater Danbury area. I come thoroughly prepared to discuss the recent sales in your neighborhood, as well as ready to explain the differences between their home & your home. As you are aware, not all homes in the neighborhood are alike and you need to partner with someone that can calmly & openly discuss the current market. I aim to guide you with a full understanding of the Danbury area market for townhomes, and if I am unsure of the answer, I will get back to you.

Question: What are your thoughts on pricing & negotiating strategy? 

I love to talk about real estate pricing & experienced in the market to assist clients. We want to position the home so that buyers can recognize the value that your home offers. We also would like the house to sell in a reasonable time. We can discuss what you think is the best option of the sale. It is best to have several people interested in the house by pricing it right to start vs chasing the market. 

Question: What kind of marketing program do you offer?

My affiliation with the William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty brokerage firm allows for top placement in leading online venues. In addition, with the heritage of the Sotheby's branding, there are additional tools that allow for global exposure. I will be happy to go over these advantages in person with you. All listings are professional photographed. I can share examples of previous listings. 

Question:I currently own a townhome and am now ready to get into a single family home. Can you be of assistance?

I have experience with clients that have outgrown their townhome. I typically like to get into their townhome first to get give them an idea of the value so they get continue to budget. Moving up clients then should get a list together of what they are looking for a new home and look at a few homes to see they would be suitable for their needs. From there, we should decide on listing their townhome. Most sellers will not entertain an offer on their home unless the buyer's townhome is on the market & has an accepted offer. It is also important to get preapproved early. 

Question: What do you think about having an open house?

An open house is an additional tool to get publicity and exposure to your home. I have never had a client sell their home as a direct result of an open house but you never know. Several of my recent sellers have not been comfortable with the idea of letting strangers into their home that are not accompanied by their real estate agent or myself. Some buyers may feel the urgency to bid sooner if they see a lot of people looking at the house. It is your decision as the homeowner if you would like one or possibility allow one down the road if the initial marketing fails to bring forth an offer. 

Should we invest in further improvements to help us sell the house?

I would have to see the home to determine what projects, if any, you should invest in. I'm not in favor in owners doing major projects prior to selling, as you will most likely not get your money back. I would address any known problems, such as a dripping faucet or door that doesn't close all the way.I won't go for anything high end unless the neighborhood wants it.  I would have also suggest maybe paint if I think some of the colors might be taste specific. When in doubt, ask the professional before investing your time or money. Depending on the units condition & your motivation, we could discuss offering a closing cost allowance with an acceptable offer-ask for details.  Anything that a buyers building inspector that could be called out as a health and safety issues should be addressed. 

Question: What information about the house would you like from us?

Buyers typically like some information such as what the annual utility bills are as well as age of any of the mechanical systems or appliances. I also would need the management company contact information for your neighborhood. I would like to know how you would like showings handled & when you'd like to have showings start. I also suggest sellers contact a local real estate attorney prior to listing. You can also tell me why you choose the property and what you like most about it. 

Question: I own property in the Danbury,CT area but have relocated elsewhere. Can you help me sell it or rent it?

Absolutely. I've had several clients leave the area but remain property owners. I highly recommend the home owner or a local family member make a visit to the house prior to listing to check the condition of the house and to meet with me in person to discuss the sale. I have extensive experience with out of town owners and helping them get it ready to for the market. I can advise you on any repairs or improvements if needed. My clients always have the choices on what they feel is best for their home & how they would like to present their home to the market. I am experienced in the market and can guide you on 'as-is' pricing or after some repairs, or discuss possibility offering a credit toward closing costs. If you decide to invest in any further improvements, I have relationships with trades professionals that can help you at a fair cost. Owners must work out payment and scope of work with contractor. Once any work is completed, I just need a key and can take over and hopefully get your home sold in a timely manner. I also have experience working with out of area landlords if you are not interesting in selling right away. We can arrange for a zoom meeting so you can see the property virtually if you have around relocated out of the Danbury area and have no plans on coming back. 

Question: Would you suggest doing any staging to the home prior to listing?

A good cleaning and organizing more does go far. Sell, donate or throw out any items prior to listing that you will be taking with you to the new house. I am not requesting you change your entire lifestyle to make the home ready to be shown for the market.  As I go through your home, I would be making any suggestions if we agree to work together. Once we decide to work together, we can go throw the house some more and give you a 'to do' list prior to getting having the photographs done. On the day on the photo shoot for the house, we can move things around if needed.

Question: How are showings handled, how will showing agents be accessing the house & how long do they stay?

As soon as I get a request for an agent that would like bring their client to see the house, I will contact you to see if that time is agreeable. We can discuss at the time of listing how much notice you will need .For all requests for showings, you would be contacted by me or my smart app that notifies clients of other agents requesting a property tour. There is a secure electronic lockbox placed by your front door ,which I will provide, that only licensed agents can access to obtain the key for the house. Typically, a showing agent will be showing a few properties at a time to their client-so they might me an hour window but once they get to the house, they might spend about twenty to thirty minutes that the house. Each buyer has their own speed of touring-but generally, the more time the buyer spends at your home, the better change you have of getting an offer. My homeowner clients are only contacted me by for any subsequent visits from the offer to the closing, such as access for the building inspection, bank appraisal ,etc.

Question: How can I reach you?

My cell phone is the best way to reach me,203.417.0523. You can call or text me. My email address is JonathanHallRealEstate@Gmail.Com  I work out of the William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty Office-112 Federal Road in Danbury,CT, the big white house in front of the Home Depot almost across the street from Stew Leonard's. Please contact me for your personal appointment.

Question: How will we communicate in the transaction?

I work at my clients comfort level. Some clients prefer text messages, phone calls or in-person meetings at their home or in my office. Other clients like to have items spelled out in emails. I have my cell phone on me generally all the time. In addition, I have also used zoom and google meet. 

Question: What happens after an offer in accepted on our house?

There are several things that happen once the offer has been accepted. I will explain and provide a guideline sheet of the steps. It is not rocket science, but partnering with an experienced local real estate agent will save you time, stress and get more money in your pocket. 

Question: How long does it take to close when we have an accepted offer?

I have found that it typically takes between two  & two and a half months once the offer has been accepted to close for buyers seeking a mortgage. In some cases, we may be fortunate to secure a cash purchaser will means less time & risk. You as the homeowner, can negotiate the closing date with part of the offer. It's imporant to have a plan on where you are going if you are living in the unit before listing your home.If the house is empty and we are fortunate to secure a cash buyer, I have seen closings in under 2 weeks.. 

Question: What happens at closing?

The morning of the closing, the buyer will perform a walk-through on the house to make sure it is delivered to them in broom-clean condition, all of your belongings out of the house and any negotiated repairs have been completed to their satisfaction with documentation. From their, the buyers sign the mortgage papers with their attorney. You would arrive a little later to sign papers with your attorney as well provide all keys, garage door openers,etc to the buyer. If you have already relocated, you can close without being here via power of attorney which means your real estate closing attorney being able to sign for you.  If the buyer is not happy with the condition of the house at the walkthrough, we will hear about from their agent or attorney and we will dicuss if needed. I will be there with you to insure no last minute surprises. Prior to closing, you would discuss with your attorney how the proceeds of your home will be given to you.  

Are you planning a move?
I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me with any questions. I'm Jonathan Hall, Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty. You can contact me directly with any questions, 203-417-0523 orJonathanHallRealEstate@Gmail.Com

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