For Landlords Of Townhomes In The Greater Danbury,Connecticut Area

For owners:
I work every hard to keep my  Greater Danbury, CT investor clients happy. I will assemble a comprehensive valuation of what fair market rent would be based on my experience & market activity. Whether you are an experienced investor or a landlord by accident, help is here for you .My experience in the real estate will make sure that you get a qualified tenant in a timely manner for the price that you want. I will offer any suggestions for any fixes or improvements that need to be done before we put your home on the market. We can arrange for a virtual property tour if you would like over zoom for you to observe the properties condition if you are not local. If needed, I have relationships with several trades professionals in the area if your property is in need of some freshening up or repairs before having the unit placed on the market and the new residents move in. I will also provide you with a  pamphlet that talks about the rights & responsibilities of tenants and being a landlord written up by the state of Connecticut. We will market your property to be available for a term of at least one year lease, which is what most applicants would be looking for & permitted by your association rules and regulations. If you would like, I can also can also provide you with samples of leases clients have used in the past. 

Our online marketing platform, complete with pictures & a great description brings in many qualified leads for your property in hopes your home rented quickly. In addition to all the consumer facing websites, the availability of your property is also syndicated through the multiple listing service so cooperating agents are made aware of the home so they can introduce it to their clientele. We have relationships with numerous local business and regional employers whose employees contact us on a regular basis looking a property to lease such as yours. Our company is relocation certified to assist with any incoming corporate transferees seeking upscale leasing opportunities as well. There will be a secured electronic lockbox on the house  with a key so that only licensed agents can access the house with an appointment. We track of who goes to the house so we can follow up on their clients interest. Whether you have purchased the property specifically for investment purposes or lived in for your families home before a change , I will work with you to lease the property to a qualified tenant at the right price. 

I will show your home to qualified tenants that contact us, and if they decide to make an offer, collect pertinent information, such as a credit report, paystubs, photo ID, proof of employment and references for you to review to evaluate the candidate to help in your decision process. It is entirely your decision who you will let live in your property, but help is here to guide you through the process. I also check the CT state judicial system for any possible issues. I can also prepare the lease on your behalf if you don't have one or review your current lease & suggest any changes to protect you and the property. We will also set up a meeting for you to meet the tenant, collect contact information & checks, exchange the keys as well as have a walk-through on your property (if desired but highly recommended) with the renter. I have successfully represented owners on over a dozen different properties in the area which became repeat business which means owners coming back to me to relist when there will be a vacancy, decide to sell or purchase additional investments. In addition, I like to provide landlords some information on the current value of the property if you were considering selling in the near future. Most tenants want at least a one year lease term, we can advertise for two year term if desired by you-sorry don't do month to month. We should meet with the tenant prior to them moving in to go through the property, document any existing issues & make sure everyone is on the same page.

There are other things to know about being a landlord. The lease is one of the important documents you have-make sure it is strong to protect your rights and the property. Take plenty of photos when the tenant movers in and at the end of the lease. Complete a walkthrough sheet. It might be better keep the home empty than to risk selecting a questionable applicant.  As per state law, you have 21 days to refund the security deposit plus interest to the tenant once they vacated the property. I also don't like the idea of using security deposit to cover the final months rent.  I have lease samples available for owners to use as a reference if we work together. I have always property owners review them before we send them over to the tenants from their review/signature. 
Please contact me to set up an appointment or any questions you have about renting out your real estate. I service clients within Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, Ridgefield and New Milford, CT. Email me  JonathanHallRealEstate@Gmail.Com for a confidential inquiry or call 203-417-0523. 

Page last updated 6/20/2024