Are you buying thinking of buying home in the Danbury,CT Area?

Buying a home is stressful for many people. However, with a little planning ahead of time and partnering with the right real estate professional, it can be a smooth and pleasant experience. I like to give buyers with an overview of the entire process so they'll understand exactly what they can expect. Below are the nine steps to purchasing a home.

If you have questions regarding any of this information or if you're prepared to get started, just contact me here, e-mail me at or call/text me 203-417-0523.

Step 1 – Do your research
There's a lot of information that you want to decide on when your are looking to purchase a home in the Danbury,CT area. You should figure out how much you can afford as well and review properties online to see if that is reasonable for the area for what you would would like a home. Also, you should put together a list of things that you would need, want, would like to have or don't want in your new home.  Look at your monthly payment after your down payment, not the overall purchase price to see if owning makes sense to you to. Talk to a mortgage professional or two for a prepapproval, as a real estate professional I can pass on a couple of different names that I have clients use successfully that offer a variety of products.  If you are not preapproved for a mortgage, there is no sense of house hunting if you can not pay for it or how you are going to pay for it.  

Step 2 – Find a local professional full-time real estate agent in your area that specializes in the type of property you seek:

This is my job. We will get together at your convenience to discuss your purchase requirements & time frame. We'll go over information including neighborhoods, commuting options, what are the most important things that you would like to have in a new home, area amenities, the market trends & more. You can read more information about me here.I I am a life-long area resident and have had my real estate license since 2006. I will also explain the home buying process to you. I am hired my you, the home buyer, to help you find your home. When we are working together, we will be spending a lot of time together, so you should feel confident in your agent's ability, judgement and ethics. You should also feel that your real estate professional knowledgeable on the local housing market as well as being responsive to your requests. will also provide recommendations of reputable & experienced local mortgage professionals that I have worked with in the past in the Danbury,CT area for you to contact. They help help you determine what price range you should be looking in, help you figure out what type of loan best suites your needs & get you preapproved. You don't have to go from agent to agent that you connect with online. 

Step 3 – Start house hunting
After we get together, I will start looking for properties for you that are on the market. I will send listings to you as well as set you up on a program that will automatically search for you & give you daily emails with new listings, price changes & status changes so you know what is going on. I also check the inventory report several times a day on the MLS, and if I see a home that looks like a good fit, I will point it out for you on that program. I will try to preview as many homes as possible to see which homes might work for you or not.  We will then set an appointment to look at homes when it is good for you.

When we look at homes, I will not only go over the positive aspects about the home, I will also mention things that I see that could be a negative feature. I will also ask several questions about how you feel or thoughts are about the properties. There is never any pressure or being pushed toward a home that you are not completely sure about. It would be no problem to revisit properties you are having second thoughts. As your real estate agent, I can introduce to the different neighborhoods to explore and see what one or ones you would feel the most comfortable living in.

Step 4 – Research Market Trends:

It is my job to understand the Danbury, CT real estate market. I know which areas & price ranges have the most activity or take a little bit longer to sell.  I review sales activity & homes that taken deposits several times a day.

As we look at homes, I will make sure to tell you if the owner's list price makes sense or not based on recent sales. You need to trust me, since I do this full time and you can certainly go ahead & pick my brain. You can get in touch with me directly at 203-417-0523 or e-mail me at JonathanHallRealEstate@Gmail.Com  and I'd be glad to answer your questions. The information that I know about the real estate market in Danbury will prove vital to help you get your new home.

Step 5 – Write Up An Offer

When we find your dream home, we will get together to write up an offer. The offer information such as the price, how much money you will be putting down, items you want included in the sale, and how soon you would like to close after an offer is accepted. I also include on the offer that it is conditional for buyers to secure financing & have a home inspection.

When we send in your offer, you will make the earnest deposit check payable to your attorney. This money goes toward your purchase price & once contracts are signed after the offer is accepted and the home goes through inspections, it gets sent over to the sellers attorney. In addition to the offer, there is other paperwork that is needed to be filled out that we can go over. If you offer is accepted, we typically close between 45 to 60 days which should be enough time to obtain financing. I also have the systems available for you to sign electronically.

Step 6 – Negotiate
More often than not, if your offer price & terms are reasonable, there is usually a counter offer from the sellers. We can talk about the counter offer, either take it, decline it or go back to the sellers with another counter.

The market determines how we work with the negotiations. Most homes in the Danbury area are selling to very close to their listing prices. I I have also seen several well priced homes get multiple offers, which usually results in the house selling for full asking price or higher within days of going on the market & will advise you a strategy if we find ourselves in that situation.. We will work together to stick within your budget. Not only does the offer have to be acceptable to you, it also has to be acceptable to the sellers & vice versa. Sometimes seller just keeps their house on for a few days, collects offers and then wants highest and best by a certain time. I will keep you informed. 

Step 7 – Building Inspection & Contracts
Once we get the offer accepted & signed by both parties with the correct figures and dates, we then go ahead and set up the building inspection. I will provide contact information for local inspections for you to interview. When you decide on one, set up an appointment with them, which is usually about two days later. We typically have 7-10 days to do inspections once the sellers signs your offer. I will be the house with you and the inspector. Once we get the inspection report back, we will get together and decide if there are any issues that you want the seller to fix, give a credit for or get the asking price changed to reflect the condition. If there are a lot of major issues, you can always walk away and get your earnest deposit back.  

Once we get the inspection items negotiated ,the sellers attorney writes up the contract and sends it over to your real estate attorney. I will be happy to provide real estate attorney recommendations. Your attorney reviews over the contracts, arranges for you to come in to meet &review and sign.

Step 8 –Secure Financing
Once you get your offer accepted, notify your lender. They will ask for a lot of financial documents from you including bank statements, tax returns, proof of employment and more. I will provide your lender with all the information that they need about the house to close to the loan. They will then order the home to be appraised.  Buyers agent or the listing agent meets the appraiser, never the buyer. I will follow up consistently with your lender and pass on that information to your real estate attorney as well the sellers agent so everybody knows what is going on. Once you get the clear to close from your lender, the attorneys go ahead and set up the closing.

We do a walk through of the home the morning of or the evening before the closing. We make sure the home is left in good condition, make sure the systems work, and see that the sellers left, repaired and did everything on their end of the contract. Closing typically happen at the sellers attorney office and is often a smooth & relaxed event..

Step 9 – Move in
Success! Now you can move into your new home. Enjoy it. And if you need anything or to say hi, be sure to call me at 203-417-0523 or send me an e-mail.

Page last updated  4/17/2024