Why Own a Condo or Townhome in Danbury,CT?

Purchasing a condo or townhome in Danbury,Connecticut makes sense for many people, from first time buyers to empty nesters to investors. You are typically only have to maintain for the inside your unit, which means no gutters to clean, no driveway to shovel or maintain, no yard work to do nor roof & siding to worry about.

First time buyers can afford to own their own home at a much more favorable price point than a single family home.First time buyers shouldn't have to worry about major repairs. Most condos on the market are in pretty good shape so you don't have put do work into before you can move in but you can improve them over time with any upgrades you wish to do in terms of flooring ,paint, appliances, lighting and fixtures. The major systems you should check is the hot water heater, furnace, cooling and electrical panel-a building inspection contingency is typically included in your offer when you find the right home.Any health and safety issues can be negotiated with the homeowner. There are many affordable options to choose from in the area, with homes ranging from one to three levels depending on your needs. Some places even have a garage. Units are also typically newer than most single family homes in the area and can be more affordable than a traditional single family home. I do work with a number of first time buyers. You still can make some changes turning the unit into your home & enjoy the tax benefits of owning. In several scenarios, owning can be more affordable than paying rent. Over time you can build equity and upgrade into a new home if you decide to sell it.  Sometimes I have had clients keep their first home and turn it into rental property when it is time to move on. Please contact me, Jonathan Hall-Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty directly at 203-417-0523 or danburyrealestate@gmail.com to see how I can help you get your first place.

Condos or townhome can work well for empty nesters or busy professionals that are looking for the space of a single family home, but with a maintenance free lifestyle. You can find well appointed, fairly modern units, with sizes from 1300 to over 3000 square feet above grade plus usually some additional living space in the lower level. Some units have a garage accessed from the main level & main level master suites. There are some ranch units available in the area. Keep in mind, most  units are in this square footage category two or three levels, but there are some ranch units are available. Some of these townhome are quite spacious and may be larger than some single family homes in the area, but without the required upkeep and maintenance. After owning and maintaining a single family home, going into a townhome or condo in Danbury would give you more time to pursue for leisurely activity. I welcome inquires for clients seeking this types of properties as well.  Contact me to discuss your needs. 

I have even heard of buyers looking to own condos as vacation homes, or snowbirds that spend half of the year here & the other half of the year in other parts of the country. With a condo, you can just turn off the power, turn off the water & winterize the unit and lock up, so you shouldn't have to worry about any problems happening. You can come and go at your leisure. You have a comfortable place to come home, storage space your 'stuff' and a central location to travel across New England & Greater New York City. If you need help finding a great Danbury townhome to call home, please contact me at 203-417-0523 or jhall@wpsir.com    .

I have some clients which have purchased condos specially as an investment property. Landlords do not have worry about much potential things breaking by tenants, compared to a single family home or multi family home. Landlords need to educate the tenant on some of the rules, so they won't get in trouble by the condo board.  Condo association fees in Danbury cover all the exterior maintenance, but landlords need to watch the fees and property taxes because they can eat about some of the profit. Certain communities have regulations on renting, such as how long you have to live their before renting it or how many are allowed. For information on investment properties, please contact me.

Last updated March 28,2024