Danbury ,CT Condos For Lease!


In addition to buyers & seller clients,  I also help tenants secure a property to rent  If you need a property to rent for at least one year, I'd love to hear from you. Call or text Jonathan Hall at 203-417-0523 or danburyrealestate@gmail.com

I understand about the commitment and financial side if you are not looking to own a home right now. I providing you tools and information that you need to help decide on a new place to call home. Renters are made aware of up to date & current status on available properties. Within 30-45 days from your desired move in date, we need to start looking as the market is very active. I do not handle short term rentals. It is pretty easy to set an appointment to go look at properties, providing that you have reasonable expectations & give me enough notice to prepare for viewing. Not all communities have rentals, as most are owner occupied and lived in, not purchased specially or kept as rentals. We need to schedule with advance notice as most of the time the properties are either occupied by either the current tenants or the owners which haven't move out yet. Good properties do go quickly and sometimes have multiple applications in,  so when you might a place, don't wait around. It is expected to provide the owners with a recent credit check & background check (there is a fee that you will have to pay)-recently ran by my office, proof of employment, a copy of your photo ID, and references with an offer to rent for them to make their decision on. We will address any questions about the property before making an offer. We do require a credit check which will reveal your financial history, any judgments or evictions.  I will only get the # for your credit score from your third party vendor, no details on account history or balances. Good credit and proof of income is a must for almost all landlords! We will review the latest market activity to see if the asking price is fair, and prepare an offer. It is not my decision if any owner will agree to rent you their property or not. We will review the lease prior to signing, and I will get you the utility information. We will also check the condition of the property and document any minor damage so you have paperwork available at the end of the lease. Keep in mind that the average rental has been getting close to $2700 month in 203 per Smart MLS data. Please keep in mind that owners typically ask for 2 months security and 1 month rent due to front prior to moving in (for applicants under 62) and 1 month security & 1st month rent if over 62. Please contact me with your property needs, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Click on this link to see current available rentals in Danbury. 

 Page last updated 3/15/2024