What's My Home Worth in Greater Danbury,CT Area

The value of your townhome is based on several factors. Square footage, location and condition are the largest features that I use to determine a home's value for the market. Other outside factors include competition of similar properties on the market ,economic factors ,your motivation as well as the current market conditions. A detailed in-person visit of your home, followed by a review of properties which have recently further factor my opinion of value. After the visit, I can confidently come up with the value that home will most likely sell for. We can get together again couple of days after I see your home to go over the findings.I can provide a general idea of the pricing once I take your call  and do a quick visit, but I need to get into the house to give an exact pricing.In the current market ,where there are generally fewer homes available on the market, home sellers might be able to get more money for their home compared to a couple of years ago. I love to talk pricing!

As a full time real estate agent servicing the Greater Danbury area of Connecticut, I have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide an spot-on opinion of value of where you should be to sell in a reasonable time period. It does you no good having the house sit on the market at above market price where buyers have higher expectations. In addition, I don't want to price your home too low for the market that you are leaving equity. We want to price the home well enough so that buyers can see the value & bring forth an offer that we can negotiate. In some cases, my sellers clients were able to achieve multiple offers on their home.By partnering together, I will provide for you an honest and accurate assessment your property as well as the local housing market; you can be assured with working together, you will get the house sold so you can get onto a new chapter in your life.

You can get three automated opinion of values on this site, with no cost or obligation. To start, click on this link and enter your address. However, in order to provide a more accurate evaluation of the value of your home, please contact me below to set up an appointment so I can view your home. My direct # to set up an appointment is 203-417-0523, call or text me.I welcome your interest.You can also send me an email to set up a appointment: Danburyrealestate@Gmail.Com. I'm Jonathan Hall-A Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty in Danbury,CT. 

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