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How to Compete In Your Condo Community For Buyers Againist Other Units For Sale

January 4th, 2011 5:22 PM by Jonathan Hall

If you live in one of the larger condo or townhomes communities in the Danbury area, most of the time there are a few units to choose from. That is great if you are a buyer looking for a unit, but it can be quite scary if you are a homeowner and it is the time for you to move on and sell your townhome. What typically happens is that buyers looking at several different townhome communitties before deciding on which neighborhood best suites their needs. You want your unit to be the one that a buyer decides to make an offer on. There are several things that condo sellers can do make their home stand out above the rest.
-Make it easy to show your home to buyers. They can't buy your home if they can not see it.
-Clean and declutter so that it feels like a 'model home'. Make sure that buyers can see the space that they are buying.
-A few simple upgrades to go a long away. Replacing dated fixtures such as lights, bathroom vanitity and mirrors make your home feel for today. Stretching & steam cleaning carpeted floors is a good idea so your floors don't show as much wear & tear. 
-If you can afford it, offering a few months of prepaid home association dues or offering a credit for some of the closing costs can be a good sticking point to budget savy buyers. 
-Price your home in line with what other similiar units in your complex have sold for in the last 6 months. You want your home to appear to be the best  buy in terms of value which includers items like price, location in the complex, condition and upgrades.

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Posted by Jonathan Hall on January 4th, 2011 5:22 PM


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