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It's My Job To Get Clients Good Money For Their Home in Danbury,CT

November 23rd, 2018 3:27 PM by Jonathan Hall

I recently a had a client ask me if their home was going to sell in Danbury. They were really concenred as they have sold never a home before. The property was owned a family member for over twenty years and due to a change, the family had to sell it Their home was well maintained, but kitchen counter-tops, appliances and baths were pretty much original to the home. They also need the home to close before a certain date for financial reasons. 

The family did a do a some cleaning, but it looked like a bomb went off with the personal property. Due to the disarry, the home would not photograph well at all, showings would be very slow and any offer would be quite low, but it had to get on the market for sale ASAP.  I was upfront with the owners, and said you are more than likely not going to like my sales price and time frame if you keep the house 'as is'. They looked me with a deer in the headlights, as they thought they could put the house on the market asap. However, I advised them, I'll be back the next day get you organize the home and do the photos so you get the money the home deserves and an expected closing date to meet your deadline.

After an investment of 3 hours on my part, the home looked completely different. Their condo looked very functional and organized. Numerous items were moved around in the house. to reflect the way a new buyer would likely live. For example, I moved an exerciseg bike out of the middle of the kitchen and extra tables onto the sides of the fireplace.Excess items were put into storage spaces. Of course, I was given permission to help get the house ready. When they  came back, they could not believe it was the same place & looked it some of the listings they remember seeing when they bought a home several years ago. The owners were very pleased with the results,getting an acceptable offer in just over a month on the market. & were abler to meet their timeframe goal.

This is just one of the many things that I have done over the years to help my benefit my clients on their move. As a Danbury,CT real estate expert, it does me no good leaving money on the table for clients that need to sell their home. I want my clients to be happy with the results, so they can tell their friends & family members that my real estate agent works hard & doesn't let make me sell low. Please contact me to disucss the sale of your Danbury,CT area home. I look forward to hearing from you.


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