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Find The Best Townhome in Danbury,CT

November 21st, 2016 2:59 PM by Jonathan Hall

I have had clients ask me what is the best townhome in Fairfield County,CT. My personal opinion and taste should be effect the largest investment of your life. When you are considering purchasing a townhome that is ihe best for you, please consider the following criteria in your search:
Location of Unit & Complex:
Danbury is larger city of appropriately 44 square miles.There are several townhome communities found throughout the city limits. The location within the complex itself might not matter to you, since it faces the woods and has views or is right next to main entrance or pool. After seeing some different homes, you will start to figure out your priorities.


With condos, you can not change the floor plan. Ask yourself when you are looking  at units, is  the space set up for you? Do you like how the kitchen is designed? Do you like having a lower level, with or without a walkout lower level. Is the garage and laundry at a convenient location for you? Is there enough storage?

With a condo or townhome,  the owners are responsible for the interior. Because of that, there might not be a guarantee that each unit is created equally.  Are you ok with doing an extensive renovation to the home if needed or just want a turnkey property? With any property, you usually have to make some small changes or repairs.

-Your budget:
A local mortgage professional can guide you to see how much of a mortgage you qualify for. See what the total monthly payment is including association dues and property taxes . If you don't feel comfortable with the overall cost,adjust accordingly.

-Comparsion of value:
You as the buyer determine the value. Is it worth it for you to pay more for a turn key unit, rather than to invest your own TLC to update the unit to your standards. Is the extra space worth it to you? Is being a few minutes further from the New York State border with it if you can save on the purchas price or get a larger home for similiar pricing? 

-Does it feel like home?
Thiis is the most imporant question among all of these. If all of these things come into play, it is time to make an offer if all of your ducks are in a row. If not, let's keep looking.


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