I have helped several clients that have been absentee owners.  They have worked with me on renting of their property & came back to when they decided they wanted to sell. I've been able to get them get them homes sold in a timely manner with minimal stress. Whether they lived in the home and then moved locally or out of the area, or purchased real estate in the Danbury area specifically for investment properties or other reasons, my clients have trusted me to handle the sale of one their largest assets, a home.

There are some advantages of selling your property. They would include having the equity available to pursue other investments closer to your home, becoming more liquid for long-term financial planning, additional financial considerations or you have been grown tired over the years of dealing with tenants. It also can be stressful managing a property that you do not occupy. It can also be challenging if tenants are complaining about property damage or slow/late to pay. It also be can frustrating if there is a vacancy in your property and you are not getting qualified applicants to take it..

After viewing your home, I can help you by evaluating the houses condition and based on my experience, recommended whether you should  invest in some sprucing up would help the house to sell or rent quicker & for more money. I am very honest and upfront & don't like to see clients spend money on things the house might not need but not afraid to tell you something is wrong is I feel it would be an issue in getting the result that you want. If you need maintenance to be completed at the property to prepare it for sale or a new tenant, I can help you arrange for services such as painting, cleaning or general handyman repairs. I can also supply vendor recommendations for appliance replacement, flooring, HVAC or more if we determine these items need to be addressed to bring up the market standards.

I am ready to work and will take care of all the paperwork for you to get the home on the market. I can also make recommendation of area legal  firms that you would hire for the closing when we get a buyer. I'll be happy to explain the process of getting the house from pre-listing stages to the closing table. If you are not ready to sell at this point, I also service landlord clients by representing them on leasing. I can keep you updated on the local market & point you in the right direction with any questions that you may have along the way. I look forward to hearing from you. Fill out the form below if you are in need of assistance.

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