The concept of a preminium suite is a turnkey property available for lease. The home is in ideal condition with an upgraded kitchen & modern bathroom, ready to be leased for a duration of one to two years, where the tenant gets a great place to call home and the owner generates for income while deciding what's the next step for the property. A premium suite is typically a one to three bedroom townhome style unit with access on all the services and amenties that Greater Danbury has to offer.If done right, it can be a win-win solution for both parties. 

Jonathan Hall of William Pitt Sotheby's Inernational Realty acts a match maker. His market knowledge, work ethics and,makes it a natural fit to partner with for your premium suite needs. 

For owners:

We are frequently contacted by individuals seeking a desireable home to lease for a couple of years. Due to a shortage of available properties and higher demand, the monthly rental pricing has increased in the Greater Danbury area. It can be a good time to a landlord if you are up to it. Our proven experience and market knowledge leds to filling vacancies in a timely manner. Leasing your property is a great option if you have been relocated already or way to get a positive return on your investment. Learn more about being a landlord.

For suite seekers:

The Danbury area offers a number of quality residences to call home. If you are here for a one or two year term,or potential longer, it does not mean you can't find a great place to live, even if you don't own.  There are generally several modern units on the market for lease in good condition that would make a great place to call home. You can view available upscale condominoums for rent in the Greater Danbury area. Please contact us between thirty to forty five days prior to your desired move in date to start your hunt. Find more about leasing.

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