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Since I am have been active in the real estate industry for several years in the Greater Danbury area of Western Connecticut, I find that a lot of my clients have asked me the same questions repeatedly. Here are some of the more frequently asked items about buying or selling a townhome or condominium.

How I do get a list of what is currently available to purchase in Danbury,CT?

I have a home search link on my website here. If you are looking for homes in a particular community, it is best to contact me directly, as sometimes that listings feed out incorrect due to computers. There is no charge to talk to me or sent out the current listings. You can text me or fill out the information on the have a question or similiar button & I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

 I own property in the Danbury area but have relocated elsewhere. Can you help me sell it or rent it?

Absolutely. I've had several clients leave the area but remain property owners. I highly recommend the home owner or a family member that lives in the area make a visit to the house prior to listing to check the condition of the house and to meet with me in person to discuss a strategy. I have extensive experience with out of town owners and helping them get it ready to for the market. I can advise you own repairs or improvements to make or not to make for the market, but it is your call.  I have relationships with trades professionals that can make any repairs or updates that home needs or should have before going up for sale.Once any work is completed, I just need a key and can take over and hopefully get your home sold in a timely manner. I also have experience working with out of area landlords.

Question:I have limited time to house hunt. What do you suggest?

Discuss with me the most important things in a home at our home buying consultation before going out to tour available homes-must haves and deal killers. We can zip through several homes in one day.If you find something that you don't like, please tell me since I'm working for you. I have experience showing home within all the major complexes in the area and can point out things as we house-hunt to speed out your search.  Real estate is my full time profession and I can usually accommodate showing requests.I also have software that allows for electronic signatures of documents. I have also done 'virtual showings'.

Question:How come prices vary so much in the area and even within the same neighborhood?

Home prices in the neighborhood can vary due to condition, size and motivation of the homeowner. I am experienced in the market long enough to identify good values and homes that might be sitting on the market for longer than average due to the owner's asking price. I am not afraid to speak my mind about pricing with buyers in the market or homeowners that are planning a move. I am also good at observing market trends, where prices have been and where they seem to be going.The area does offer a diverse housing selection, which is why prices can be over the map for similarly sized homes.

Question: What did my neighbor sell their house for?

I will be happy to provide any information on past sales in your neighborhood. However, the most important things that determine that market value of your home are the sales within the last six months of similiar properties as well as the condition of your home.

Question:How can I reach you?

My cell phone is the best way to reach me,203.417.0523. You can call or text me. My email address is DanburyRealEstate@Gmail.Com. I work out of the William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty Office-112 Federal Road in Danbury,CT, the big white house in front of the Home Depot almost across the street from Stew Leonard's. Please contact me for your personal appointment.

Question:I own a single family home and wish to downsize into a condominium. Can you help us?

Absolutely. My practice is not limited to just condominiums and townhomes. I'll be happy to meet with you to discuss the sale of your home, the timing and your wish list from you new home. I'll be happy to show you a few options before you put your home on the market so you can get an idea of what might work. 

Question:I currently own a townhome and need to get into a single family home. Can you be of assistance?

I have experience with clients that have outgrown their townhome. I typically like to get into their townhome first to get give them an idea of the value so they get continue to budget. Moving up clients then should get a list together of what they are looking for a new home and look at a few homes to see they would be suitable for their needs. From there, we should decide on listing their townhome.

Question: How will we communicate in the transaction?

I work at my clients level of comfortable for communication. Some clients prefer text messages, phone calls or in-person meetings. Other clients like to have items spelled out in emails. I have my cell phone on me generally all the time. In addition, I have access to a program for virtual meetings. 

Question:Where is your area of service?
I am active from Redding going north through New Milford and east to west from Danbury to Middlebury and potentially into  to Oxford or Monroe. Outside of this area of Connecticut, I do have relationships with other real estate professionals that can assist you as well as in nearby New York State..

Question:Do you only work with resale townhomes properties in the Danbury area?

Most of the communities that are listed on this website have been completed for several years, so construction has ended. There are other communities in the area that offer brand new units, plus the ongoing devolpment in the Rivington community. I advise that you do not contact them or visit them in person without going through me for a number of reasons. The onsite sales representations are hired by the builder to get them the highest prices & most favorable terms. 

Question:Do you work with first time buyers or sellers?

Very much so. Many of my clients have never bought or sold a home before. I feel I do a great job in educating my clients the guidance and support needed to have a successful transaction. Everybody has to start somewhere with their experience in the local market.

Question: How are you compensated? 

All compensation is spelled in the buyer agency agreement or listing contact. I will be happy to go into details at the in-person meeting.It is a clear and transparent policy.

Question: Is there a fee to have you come out to look at my home to give an idea of  it's value?

There is no fee or obligation for an initial meeting. I typically do spend about two hours preparing for an appointment before I walk through the front door of your home and then about an hour or so following the in house visit to run the numbers & prepare a price opinion. When you are ready to sell, I would love the opportunity to sell your home and have the listing contract. 

Question:Is there an on-site real estate sales office at any of these communities?

There are no on-site real estate offices for any of the townhome communities in Danbury,Connecticut area. You would have to contact your preferred real estate agent to make an appointment to available homes in your potential preferred neighborhoods. 

Question: We would be looking into moving to the Danbury area and need to sell our current home to buy in CT. Can you help?

My affiliation with the Sotheby's International Realty network and Cartus relocation services will insure that you will receive a trained, skilled and experienced real estate agent to assist with the sale of your current home. Any request to get a top real estate expert in your area to come look at your home should be coming through me. 

Question:Can you help us find a short term rental?

Unfortunately, none of the properties listed on this website allow for owners to list their property for short term rentals per association regulations. They typically require a one year lease. I can provide a list of apartment communities in the area that clients have contacted for short term housing solutions.

Question: Do you a preferred mortgage lender & closing attorney that can help us with our new home?

I have a list of lenders, attorneys and related professionals that several of clients have used that offer competitive pricing and provide excellent services. 

Question:Are you available on weekends?

I am available on weekends.Please contact with sufficient notice in order to me to prepare for your appointment, including giving any home sellers enough time to prepare their home for your visit. I also do offer a limited number of after work appointments during the week for current clients. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me with any questions. I'm Jonathan Hall, Realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty. You can contact me directly with any questions, 203-417-0523 or .

Page last updated 8/3/2018

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